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Risk Factors for Depression Among Adolescents in Secondary Schools in Kakamega County, Kenya

Background: Depression is the third leading public health concern and second leading cause of death for adolescents. Risk factors for depression varies among adults, youth and children. This paper specifically identified the risk factors for depression among adolescents. An analytical methodology was adopted. Quantitative methods of data collection were used. An Adolescent Sociodemographic questionnaire was used for data collection. Statistical Package for Social Sciences Version 27 was used for analysis. The risk factors were grouped as psychosocial, biomedical, and school-related. Findings showed that the significant risk factor for depression among adolescents were age, level of study, school category, being orphaned, parental marital status, and socio-economic status of parents. The significant biomedical factors were having HIV, anxiety and alcoholism, while the school-related predictors were difficulty in concentrating in school and difficulties with the school rules and regulations. Depression among adolescents may be predicted by a myriad of factors. The study recommends frequent screening of depression among adolescents with comorbidities for detection and action. Social support programs may target orphans, adolescents from lower social classes and those from single parents. Students and school social support groups may be trained on social support for each other.

Adolescents, Depression, Risk Factors, Secondary Schools

Grace Buluma Bakesia, Olayo Nereah Rose, Gladys Jepkorir Mengich, Rose Atieno Opiyo. (2023). Risk Factors for Depression Among Adolescents in Secondary Schools in Kakamega County, Kenya. American Journal of Applied Psychology, 12(4), 96-102.

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